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Ivory Door Designs

inspired by nature



Reed Diffusers - Now available!

Fill any space in your home with flame-free exotic fragrances — and do it in your unique style!​


  • Create a fragrance zone in a larger space, or enjoy wall-to-wall fragrance in a smaller room.  Each diffuser contains 6.5 oz. of the highest quality fragrance oils, infused with essential oils. Your diffuser will provide a beautiful fragrance for 4+ months. 


naturally simple

Oils for our candles/melts are selected and mixed with Nature in mind.  Our goal is to capture the most true to nature scent in each of our product lines.  


Research has shown that "Scent" is the sense that is most tied to memory recall.  Each small batch of candles/melts is loaded with the maximum amount of oils to provide you with the strongest "hot throw" possible.

crafted by hand

Tired of burning petroleum based candles that release harmful carcinogens into our environment, I set on a quest to find a clean burning alternative.  Soy was the obvious, natural choice - clean burning, LONG lasting, biodegradable, and a naturally recurring resource.

All of our candles/melts are made in small batches, hand poured, hand wicked (candles) and hand labeled.  The entire process takes approximately 3.5 hours from start to finish.  We hand pour into mason jars that can be re-purposed once the candle has been enjoyed. 


Variations in texture and color make each candle unique!

Made in Round Rock, Texas embodying the creativity and independence that makes the state of Texas so unique!

"Couldn't have bought a better candle to fragrance my home.  My favorite scent is the pomegranate cider.  I'm a repeat customer - makes my home smell so fresh and warm. The candles last quite some time and they burn so clean...at the end of the burn I have a cute mason jar that I can reuse around my house.  Will continue to buy from Ivory Door Designs and will be a a lifelong customer."

Becca - Georgetown, TX


Ivory Door Designs



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